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Plant Operator Course (Chemical)

The Power Plant Operator Training courseware covers power plant machinery and equipment, including generators, motors, switchgear, protective relaying, and electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. Initially, trainees receive pre-technical instruction in measurements and mathematics to help them better understands how to operate the machinery that generates electricity. Scientific, mechanical technologies, and electrical/electronic courses help them build a technical foundation for utilities machinery and equipment operation and maintenance.

Course Contents
  A Reaction process course – 1
Gas separator
Natural draft fired heater
Compressor utility
  B Reaction process course - 2
Batch reactor
Adiabatic reactor
Exothermal reactor
Continuous reactor
Urea reaction
  C Distillation process course
Gas separator
Vacuum distillation
  D Steam generation process course
Natural draft fired heater
Waste heat recovery boiler
Super heated steam generator
  E Separation process course

Agola Dhaval

I fully understood the training courses like PLC, SCADA, AC, Drives, Industrial Instrumentation.

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I Sidapara Prakash had under taken my training in your popular institute "Vijaya Technical Training Institute".

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I Bhaumil Patel B.E.(E&C) has pursued training in Vijaya Technical Training Institute.

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I,Patel Siddharth had pursued training in well known inst. namely Vijaya Tech. a training inst.

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I am not just giving the feedback to you, it's the respect and love that i felt within my whole duration with you.

Niraj Kumar

One of the best technical training institute in the the Western region. Knowledge with innovation.

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